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Upcoming Events

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Past Events
Past Events
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NVSBE Networking Event

December 9, 2019

Gaylord - Nashville, TN

Amount Donated: $$$

Proceeds benefitting: Veterans Moving Forward

Event Sponsors: Deloitte, VTP, IT Concepts, Workiva, Agile 6, and others


DHITS 5th Annual After Party

July 31, 2019

Blue Martini - Orlando, Florida

Proceeds benefitting: Veterans Moving Forward

Amount Donated: $10,000

Event Sponsors: Aderas, FedTechCares, Norseman Defense Services, Concept Plus, Colossal Contracting, A Cloud Guru, Opentext, RBCI, Servicenow, Prosphere, Splunk, SPN Solutions, Inc., Talend


Networkers Happy Hour: VA, TAC, APBI

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

McLoone's Pier House - Long Branch, New Jersey

Proceeds benefitting: Rebuilding Warriors

Amount Donated: $9,500+

Event Sponsors: Halfaker and H2, FavorTech, Competitive Range, Deloitte, Amida, MKS2, IBM, Oxley Enterprises, Byrd Strategies, Cognitive Medical Solutions, Tucker Rose & Associates, Ad Hoc, Blue Water Thinking, Perspecta, Netizen Corporation


NVSBE Networking Event

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Trust Cocktail Bar - St. Louis, Missouri 

Proceeds benefitting: Missouri Veterans Endeavor

Amount Donated: $2,918.23

Event Sponsors: Covo, Competitive Range, Tucker-Rose Associates, Agilesix, Netizen, IBM, Oxley Enterprises

Piano Player

DHITS 2016 Happy Hour/Networking Event

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Howl at the Moon - Orlando, Florida

Proceeds benefitting: Warriors Ethos

Amount Donated: $4,186.15

Event Sponsors: TIAG, KSH, Cognitive Medical Solutions, Varen Technologies, IBM


Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Friday, April 29, 2016

Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club - Leesburg, Virginia

Proceeds benefitting: Best Buddies Capital Region Prom

Amount Donated: $8,016.98

Event Sponsors: The BITS Group, The UPS Store, Agile SDE, SAS, IBM, Accenture, Stacy Brown, KRM Associates, PwC, The Nardelli Group, tiag, B3 Group, Emesec, Henry Elliot & Company, Capitol Strategies, Brickyard, G2Xchange


Challenges in Health IT: Interoperability Panel

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Navy League Building - Arlington, Virginia

Proceeds benefitting: Healwell

Amount Donated: $2,667.83

Event Sponsors: G2Xchange, tiag, BITS


Networkers Happy Hour: VA, TAC, APBI

Monday, June 15, 2015

McLoone's Pier House - Long Branch, New Jersey

Proceeds benefitting: Marlboro Sunshine Fund

Amount Donated: $1,381.73

Event Sponsors: CA, The Russo Group, BITS, PhaseOne Consulting Group

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