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Our Mission

Our Mission

Fed Tech Cares (FTC) is a 501(c)(3), charitable organization whose board of directors have experience overcoming challenges and hardships resulting from academic, social, and economic disparities in their own lives. Education, training, and entrepreneurship are the keys to empowering and driving meaningful change for those who lead and support our Board.  Education, training, and ultimately entrepreneurship lit the path to professional development and renewed hope for those who lead FTC. We hope the resources of FTC will do the same for others.

Accordingly, it is the mission of Fed Tech Cares to not only encourage students and veterans to further their education in science and technology, but also to leverage this education meaningfully to lead, start, or grow businesses of their own. Fed Tech Cares seeks to light the path by acting as a catalyst for change by providing advisory support, mentorship, and grants that can create opportunities that transform lives.

Our Initiatives

FTC promotes education, training and entrepreneurship through community engagement. Working with and alongside school districts as well as transition assistance program offices; FTC seeks to raise awareness and excitement across professions in STEM as well as in the great expanse of entrepreneurship. The men and women that lead FTC as well as those who partner with us provide unique life experiences that reflect all walks of life. Students and veterans often fear the unknown. Engaging with professionals that have turned a corner as mid-career executives and transitioned veterans, provides a relatable perspective from which young men, women and veterans can derive great insight and hope. These same young men, women and veterans represent our countries’ greatest assets as the leaders of tomorrow.



FTC encourages the establishment of professional mentor protégé relationships that facilitate a unique and value-added non attribution dialogue with experienced executives across industries. These engagements serve to demystify the nuances of market entry, career advancement, and transition. Contrary to popular belief, it has been the experience of those who lead and support the FTC board that senior executives and owners are among the most willing to give back to the community and to take on and support proteges. FTC believes in the motivation and momentum that mentorship offers.

Creating and promoting these opportunities by and between students, veterans and industry is a key initiative for FTC. To learn more about how to mentor or become a mentee, please clink the link.


FTC not only sponsors fundraisers and other events, but donates and invests in our nation's future leaders. FTC is committed to philanthropy, establishing grants and scholarships for continuing education, training, and in some instances covering start up costs for students, veterans, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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